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Paxton10 Server
Sales Code: 003-375-US
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Paxton10 Slimline Reader
Sales Code: 010-296-US
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Paxton10 VR Reader
Sales Code: 010-254-US
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Paxton10 Alarm Connector
Sales Code: 010-203-US
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Paxton10 Desktop Reader
Sales Code: 010-387-US
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Entry Audio monitor
Sales Code: 337-270-US
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Entry Premium monitor
Sales Code: 337-290-US
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Entry Standard monitor
Sales Code: 337-280-US
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Door Controllers

The controller manages the devices attached to it at each door; reader, keypad, electric lock, exit button etc. When installed in a secure area, it allows you to increase the security of the installation, as the controller which controls the lock is out of reach from interference. As part of a networked system, the controller speaks to the reader and implements changes made within the software immediately.