Here we answer your common questions about using Net2 to create a COVID-secure solution.

1) Where can I get access to the referenced Government documents? They are available on the UK Government website.


2) Can Net2 occupancy management be connected to a traffic light system (e.g. staff/customer toilets) to assist management of the numbers of people entering? Yes, via the use of triggers and actions. See our application note for more information.


3) Can you use a smartphone to access a Net2 system remotely? Yes, through the Paxton Connect App or the Net2Online user interface.


4) Can I use my iPhone to access buildings and premises? Yes, however this is only available via a 3rd party Bluetooth reader.


5) When will the temperature screening hardware integration be available? This hardware integration is now available with Hikvision, Dahua, ZKTeco and Suprema.


6) Will Paxton support facial recognition tokens through the Thermal Cameras? Yes. Please refer to the operation modes of the thermal cameras.


7) In the Net2 Occupancy Manager, how do you make use of the live visual reports for different screens in different areas of the building? Each area can be designated its own web page from the Net2 software and then any networked screen can simply browse to the web page.


8) Is the HTML view of the live report customisable? For example, could you show occupancy without personal details? Yes, the names of the occupants can be removed from the display.


9) Will the Occupancy Management feature trigger a relay output? Yes, via Triggers and Actions.


10) Will all the features of Occupancy Management be available via app too? This is not currently available but the request has been passed to our Product Management team for consideration for future updates.


11) With the alerts and entry denial options for Occupancy Management, can these be set independently? i.e. 95% full sends alert, 100% full denies access? Yes. The software allows you to set thresholds


12) Can users be manually removed from an area? For example if a user tailgates to text? Yes, the feature has been designed to automatically update the users in each area if a user badges into a new area without first badging out of the previous area. This can also be achieved as a manual process in the software.


13) Do you have a solution for schools? Schools are not features in our webinar or resources as they already have specific ‘working with COVID19’ guidelines. Our solutions are valid for schools but we suggest you ask to see the guidelines in place at the school and then look to match these requirements to the solutions we have shared today.


14) Will the thermal scanning hardware integration also be comparable with Paxton10? Not at this time, but the request has been passed to our Product Management team for consideration for future updates.


15) I have a site who want to manage people numbers with a traffic light system, is this possible? Yes, this is now available via a hardware integration – learn more via this application note.

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