Product Brochures

This Product Selection Guide has been designed to help you choose the right products to build up an access control system.

Containing all of Paxton’s most up-to-date products, it has everything you need in one simple brochure.

Product Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide (Ireland)

Installer Information

These guides tells you everything you need to know about our products to give you the edge when tendering for projects. Use these great tools to beat the competition and impress your customers.

Net2 Installer Guide

Paxton10 Installer Guide

Paxton10 Installer Guide (Ireland)

User Information

Our product leaflets are designed to show customers the real benefits of using our products. These leaflets will guide you through the options available and show the various vertical markets our products can work for.

Net2 Customer Leaflet

Paxton10 System Overview

Paxton10 System Overview (Ireland)

Entry Customer Leaflet

Net2 PaxLock Customer Leaflet

Reader and Keypads Booklet