Switch2 is a simple, flexible standalone access control system.

This means that there is no need for a PC and the system comprises a control unit and reader. A Switch2 installation is suitable for use on external doors and is great for small sites not needing the extra functionality of a networked system.

Great for:

Why do I need it?

Comprising a separate control unit and reader, Switch2 systems are a scalable, easy-to-manage access solution ideal for small to medium sites. Being a standalone system, there is no need for a PC network, and you don’t need to install it on all your doors, only those you wish to. User tokens can be added to the system in seconds by presenting an enrolment card to the door. The administration is straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Staff and visitors are issued with electronic tokens instead of keys. If someone loses their token, it can be simply barred from the system by presenting a shadow card to a reader. This ensures that if the token was found, it could not be used to gain entry and compromise the security of your building.

Managing different access permissions

Compact systems are combined readers and control units and so are ideally suited to controlling access on this type of low-security door. The all-in-one construction makes for a very simple and quick installation.

This diagram shows a leisure centre with three areas secured using different access permissions. Different types of users are issued green, amber or red tokens for simple management.

Members – access to just the courts

Admin staff – access to the admin office and courts

Management – access to all areas