Flexible Access Permissions

Meet social distancing guidelines, limit high traffic and apply one-way flow of movement.

It’s easy to set the software in Net2 to manage your customers site in a safe way, ensuring their building is COVID-secure and that they feel protected by the new measures you are able to offer them.

Remote building management

Net2 software is incredibly easy to use day to day, you can show your customers how to access it from their PC or any web browser to support them in making changes even when they’re not on site

One-way routes of travel

You can set Net2 up to enforce one-way systems for people moving around a site. This has been specifically referenced in the UK government guidelines as a way for business owners to prevent employees and visitors constantly crossing paths which will limit the spread of germs

Separate different groups of people

Quickly and easily set/restrict access permissions to allow only certain individuals or groups to access specific areas of a site. For example, help your customers to set different access levels for employees and visitors or shut down the premises for regular cleaning when required

Control access at different times of day

To meet the new social distancing guidelines, Net2 also allows you to set different access permissions for individuals at different times – this means you could show your customers how to stagger start and finish times to avoid crossover and cross-contamination at busy times of the day (e.g the morning or evening, common shift changes)

Smooth the ‘return to work’ experience

Net2 gives your customers control of how and when people can access their building. They can set the system to deny access to areas of their site until approved. This helps them to manage the back to work induction process for employees returning after a period of leave to the ‘new normal’ work place)