Technical literature

Here you will find all of our technical documents in one place, this includes product data sheets, application notes, schematics and drilling templates.


DS1001 PROXIMITY Reader – P38/P50/P75/P75 screw connector
DS1002 PROXIMITY Reader – P200/P200 metal mount
DS1003 Net2 Paxlock Scandinavian
DS1004 PROXIMITY Reader – KP50/KP75/KP75 screw connector
DS1005 PROXIMITY Vandal proof reader
DS1006 PROXIMITY Panel mount reader
DS1007 PROXIMITY Metal reader
DS1008 PROXIMITY Marine Reader
DS1009 PROXIMITY Energy saving reader
DS1010 PROXIMITY Long range reader
DS1012 PROXIMITY Architectual reader
DS1013 PROXIMITY Mifare reader – P50
DS1014 PROXIMITY mullion reader
DS1017 PROXIMITY Backbox reader – MIFARE ®
DS1018 PROXIMITY Backbox reader – Black or white
DS1019 PROXIMITY Universal reader – Clock and data
DS1020 CARDLOCK reader
DS1021 TOUCHLOCK keypad – K38/K50/K75/K75 screw connector
DS1022 TOUCHLOCK stainless steel keypad – K38/K50/K75/K75sc
DS1023 TOUCHLOCK vandal resistant metal keypad
DS1032 Paxton Exit – E38, E50, E75
DS1033 Marine exit button
DS1034 Net2 Desktop reader
DS1035 Net2 Desktop reader – Proximity and magstripe
DS1038 Net2 Plus
DS1039 Plastic housing
DS1040 12V 2A PSU in cabinet
DS1041 12/24V 2A AC/DC PSU in cabinet
DS1042 Power over Ethernet (PoE) in cabinet
DS1043 Net2 nano
DS1044 Net2 I/O Board
DS1045 Net2 Caller ID reader
DS1058 KP75 MIFARE ® proximity reader
DS1061 Net2 Hands free interface
DS1073 Net2 Watchprox
DS1074 Net2 proximity clamshell card
DS1075 Paxton 12V 1A DC power supply – Plastic housing
DS1076 Net2 magstripe card
DS1077 Net2 Proximity keyfobs
DS1078 Net2 hands-free keyfob
DS1079 Net2 hands-free keycard
DS1080 Net2 proximity ISO cards – Without magstripe
DS1081 Net2 proximity ISO cards – With magstripe
DS1083 Compact relay module
TDS-1084 MIFARE Classic® 4K keyfob



AN1006 – Configuring a Net2 plus using TCP/IP
AN1012 – Installing a Net2 access control unit
AN1037 – Adding ACU’s to an existing Net2 RS485 data line
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1040 – Installing a Net2 data line
AN1043 – Choosing a power supply
AN1048 – Door Forced monitoring integrated with a Manual door handle.
AN1050 – Installing an OEM reader
AN1051 – Installing Net2 software V4
AN1055 – Replacing a control unit
AN1066 – Installing an I/O board
AN1071 – Changing the Net2 PC, Net2 V4
AN1081 – Extending an RS485 data line with a wireless router
AN1082 – Hands-free – How does it work?
AN1086 – How to connect a lock with an independent power supply
AN1088 – Using the energy saving reader
AN1091 – How to achieve the best read range with hands-free equipment
AN1094 – Using Fibre Optics with Net2
AN1112 – How to configure a Wiegand keypad
AN1122 – How to configure Security Lockdown
AN1125 – Configuring Wiegand 26 bits with a site code
AN1149 – Installing Net2 software, V5
AN1150 – Activating Pro software
AN1152 – Net2 – HID™ Activation
AN1153 – Net2 – Wiegand Activation


AN1059 – What to do if a user is denied access with a valid token
AN1060 – What to do if readers or keypads are not working
AN1061 – ACU’s not responding – RS485 data line
AN1091 – How to achieve the best read range with hands-free equipment
AN1157 – Net2 Entry Steel panel maintenance
AN1166 – Net2 – Network Security Recommendations


AN1010 – Configuring custom Wiegand formats
AN1023 – Configuring areas and area groups
AN1037 – Adding ACU’s to an existing Net2 RS485 data line
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1044 – Configuring public holidays
AN1045 – Using ABA format 3rd party cards with Net2
AN1046 – Configuring readers and keypads
AN1047 – Configuring door alarms
AN1049 – Holding a door unlocked with Net2 software
AN1063 – Configuring anti-passback
AN1070 – Net2 backup procedures, Net2 V4
AN1072 – Setting up the Net2 software
AN1085 – Recommendations for using Net2 with LAN and WAN networks
AN1112 – How to configure a Wiegand keypad
AN1170 – Net2 Default System Engineer password – update
APN-1197 – Configuring Net2 Occupancy Management
APN-1198 – Setting up a traffic light system using Net2 Occupancy


AN1031 – Integrating Net2 with a fire alarm system
AN1035 – Integrating Net2 with an intruder alarm system
AN1052 – Integrating IP Cameras with Net2
AN1065 – Regulations regarding Net2 and intruder alarm systems
AN1076 – Integrating Net2 with Lift control systems
AN1079 – Lighting control using Triggers and Actions
AN1080 – Economic control of air conditioning using Triggers and Actions
AN1088 – Using the energy saving reader
AN1090 – Advice on using access control with fire doors
AN1092 – Integrating a webcam for use with Net2 user records.
AN1094 – Using Fibre Optics with Net2
AN1102 – Integrating Net2 with Barriers
AN1104 – How to secure a meeting room using the energy saving reader
AN1123 – Integrating with Multi-Zone Intruder partitions
AN1124 – Two locks on one door
AN1156 – Paxton Net2 Integration for Milestone Access 2016
AN1179 – IDEMIA Setup Guide
AN1180 – Setting up Virdi integration with Paxton Net2 Server
AN1191 – Integrating Net2 with cameras on NVR/DVR systems

Using Net2

AN1011 – Importing and exporting Net2 user data
AN1029 – Using Net2 Timesheet
AN1032 – Using roll call and muster reports
AN1034 – Net2 Card Printing
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1039 – Adding a new user
AN1041 – Using Departments
AN1042 – Using token types
AN1054 – Invalidating users and tokens
AN1056 – Searching for a name, card number or vehicle registration
AN1058 – Using the Events screen
AN1064 – Using Site Graphics
AN1067 – Using Triggers and Actions
AN1073 – Net2 operators – Adding / Assign privileges
AN1075 – Using Net2 Client software
AN1089 – How to add Net2 Tokens
AN1098 – Using Net2 Timeline
AN1099 – User image verification
AN1103 – Using an Automatic Number Plate reader (ANPR)
AN1100 – Using vcard (.vcf) information
AN1121 – Who is in today? – HTML Reports
AN1128 – Using Door Groups
AN1129 – Using Advanced Permissions
AN1138 – Using Landlord Tenant
AN1139 – Using Custom days
AN1140 – Enabling turnstile mode
AN1141 – Door unlock control
AN1142 – Conditional access
AN1143 – Setting temporary access rights
AN1151 – Net2 Attendance Tool
AN1162 – Net2 Security Settings – Data Protection and Strong Password Enforcement
AN1170 – Net2 Default System Engineer password – update
AN1174 – Remote access for Net2
AN1175 – Access Control from your Phone
AN1184 – Merging User Databases Via.CSV file
AN1185 – Creating a backup in Net2
AN1189 – Using Custom Reports in Net2


ins-30226 – How to use your PaxLock Pro
ins-30221 – EN179 Guidance Notes for installation of Paxlock Pro
ins-30220 – Entry – Standard Monitor
ins-30219 – Entry Audio monitor
ins-30218 – Net2Air Bridge
ins-30217 – Desktop reader with keyboard output-USB
ins-30216 – Entry Premium Monitor – Quick Start Guide
ins-30215 Entry – Premium Monitor
ins-30213 – PaxLock Pro door Installation Jig
ins-30210 – PaxLock Pro – Euro installation instructions
ins-30113 – PROXIMITY P series MIFARE® reader
ins-30099 – Hands free keyfob for Net2
ins-30090 – Vandal resistant metal keypad
ins-30081 – Net2 Desktop Reader USB
ins-30080 – Net2 plus control unit
ins-30079 – Net2 USB/RS485 converter
ins-30057 – Net2 nano control unit
ins-30076 – TOUCHLOCK compact K series keypad
ins-30063 – RJ45 – Reader port connector module
ins-30060 – Long range reader
ins-30057 – PROXIMITY backbox reader (2002)
ins-30049 – PROXIMITY metal reader
ins-30040 – PROXIMITY architectural reader
ins-30039 – 2A/12V DC boxed power supply with Net2 ACU
ins-30037 – Hands free keycard for Net2
ins-30027 – Hands free interface
ins-30017 – CARDLOCK reader
ins-30016 – 1A power supply in plastic housing
ins-30015 – PROXIMITY Universal Reader – Clock and Data Output
ins-30011 – Exit buttons
ins-30010 – Switch2 quickstart guide
ins-30003 – PROXIMITY P series compact reader
ins-30002 – PROXIMITY P series reader
ins-30001 – Net2 RS485 TCP/IP ethernet interface – Rev4
ins-20802 – Panel mount Readers UL
ins-20801 – Proximity metal readers UL
ins-20800 – Proximity readers and Keypads UL
ins-20711 – PROXIMITY vandal proof reader 2nd Gen