Technical literature

Here you will find all of our technical documents in one place, this includes product data sheets, application notes, schematics and drilling templates.



AN1006 – Configuring a Net2 plus using TCP/IP
AN1012 – Installing a Net2 access control unit
AN1037 – Adding ACU’s to an existing Net2 RS485 data line
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1040 – Installing a Net2 data line
AN1043 – Choosing a power supply
AN1048 – Door Forced monitoring integrated with a Manual door handle.
AN1050 – Installing an OEM reader
AN1051 – Installing Net2 software V4
AN1055 – Replacing a control unit
AN1066 – Installing an I/O board
AN1071 – Changing the Net2 PC, Net2 V4
AN1081 – Extending an RS485 data line with a wireless router
AN1082 – Hands-free – How does it work?
AN1086 – How to connect a lock with an independent power supply
AN1088 – Using the energy saving reader
AN1091 – How to achieve the best read range with hands-free equipment
AN1094 – Using Fibre Optics with Net2
AN1112 – How to configure a Wiegand keypad
AN1122 – How to configure Security Lockdown
AN1125 – Configuring Wiegand 26 bits with a site code
AN1149 – Installing Net2 software, V5
AN1150 – Activating Pro software
AN1152 – Net2 – HID™ Activation
AN1153 – Net2 – Wiegand Activation


AN1059 – What to do if a user is denied access with a valid token
AN1060 – What to do if readers or keypads are not working
AN1061 – ACU’s not responding – RS485 data line
AN1091 – How to achieve the best read range with hands-free equipment
AN1157 – Net2 Entry Steel panel maintenance
AN1166 – Net2 – Network Security Recommendations


AN1010 – Configuring custom Wiegand formats
AN1023 – Configuring areas and area groups
AN1037 – Adding ACU’s to an existing Net2 RS485 data line
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1044 – Configuring public holidays
AN1045 – Using ABA format 3rd party cards with Net2
AN1046 – Configuring readers and keypads
AN1047 – Configuring door alarms
AN1049 – Holding a door unlocked with Net2 software
AN1063 – Configuring anti-passback
AN1070 – Net2 backup procedures, Net2 V4
AN1072 – Setting up the Net2 software
AN1085 – Recommendations for using Net2 with LAN and WAN networks
AN1112 – How to configure a Wiegand keypad
AN1170 – Net2 Default System Engineer password – update


AN1031 – Integrating Net2 with a fire alarm system
AN1035 – Integrating Net2 with an intruder alarm system
AN1052 – Integrating IP Cameras with Net2
AN1065 – Regulations regarding Net2 and intruder alarm systems
AN1076 – Integrating Net2 with Lift control systems
AN1079 – Lighting control using Triggers and Actions
AN1080 – Economic control of air conditioning using Triggers and Actions
AN1088 – Using the energy saving reader
AN1090 – Advice on using access control with fire doors
AN1092 – Integrating a webcam for use with Net2 user records.
AN1094 – Using Fibre Optics with Net2
AN1102 – Integrating Net2 with Barriers
AN1104 – How to secure a meeting room using the energy saving reader
AN1123 – Integrating with Multi-Zone Intruder partitions
AN1124 – Two locks on one door
AN1156 – Paxton Net2 Integration for Milestone Access 2016
AN1179 – IDEMIA Setup Guide
AN1180 – Setting up Virdi integration with Paxton Net2 Server
AN1191 – Integrating Net2 with cameras on NVR/DVR systems

Using Net2

AN1011 – Importing and exporting Net2 user data
AN1029 – Using Net2 Timesheet
AN1032 – Using roll call and muster reports
AN1034 – Net2 Card Printing
AN1038 – Using Access Levels and Timezones
AN1039 – Adding a new user
AN1041 – Using Departments
AN1042 – Using token types
AN1054 – Invalidating users and tokens
AN1056 – Searching for a name, card number or vehicle registration
AN1058 – Using the Events screen
AN1064 – Using Site Graphics
AN1067 – Using Triggers and Actions
AN1073 – Net2 operators – Adding / Assign privileges
AN1075 – Using Net2 Client software
AN1089 – How to add Net2 Tokens
AN1098 – Using Net2 Timeline
AN1099 – User image verification
AN1103 – Using an Automatic Number Plate reader (ANPR)
AN1100 – Using vcard (.vcf) information
AN1121 – Who is in today? – HTML Reports
AN1128 – Using Door Groups
AN1129 – Using Advanced Permissions
AN1138 – Using Landlord Tenant
AN1139 – Using Custom days
AN1140 – Enabling turnstile mode
AN1141 – Door unlock control
AN1142 – Conditional access
AN1143 – Setting temporary access rights
AN1151 – Net2 Attendance Tool
AN1162 – Net2 Security Settings – Data Protection and Strong Password Enforcement
AN1170 – Net2 Default System Engineer password – update
AN1174 – Remote access for Net2
AN1175 – Access Control from your Phone
AN1184 – Merging User Databases Via.CSV file
AN1185 – Creating a backup in Net2
AN1189 – Using Custom Reports in Net2


ins-30226 – How to use your PaxLock Pro
ins-30221 – EN179 Guidance Notes for installation of Paxlock Pro
ins-30219 – Entry Audio monitor
ins-30218 – Net2Air Bridge
ins-30217 – Desktop reader with keyboard output-USB
ins-30216 – Entry Premium Monitor – Quick Start Guide
ins-30215 Entry – Premium Monitor
ins-30213 – PaxLock Pro door Installation Jig
ins-30210 – PaxLock Pro – Euro installation instructions
ins-30113 – PROXIMITY P series MIFARE® reader
ins-30099 – Hands free keyfob for Net2
ins-30090 – Vandal resistant metal keypad
ins-30081 – Net2 Desktop Reader USB
ins-30080 – Net2 plus control unit
ins-30079 – Net2 USB/RS485 converter
ins-30057 – Net2 nano control unit
ins-30076 – TOUCHLOCK compact K series keypad
ins-30063 – RJ45 – Reader port connector module
ins-30060 – Long range reader
ins-30057 – PROXIMITY backbox reader (2002)
ins-30049 – PROXIMITY metal reader
ins-30040 – PROXIMITY architectural reader
ins-30039 – 2A/12V DC boxed power supply with Net2 ACU
ins-30037 – Hands free keycard for Net2
ins-30017 – CARDLOCK reader
ins-30016 – 1A power supply in plastic housing
ins-30015 – PROXIMITY Universal Reader – Clock and Data Output
ins-30011 – Exit buttons
ins-30010 – Switch2 quickstart guide
ins-30003 – PROXIMITY P series compact reader
ins-30002 – PROXIMITY P series reader
ins-30001 – Net2 RS485 TCP/IP ethernet interface – Rev4
ins-20802 – Panel mount Readers UL
ins-20801 – Proximity metal readers UL
ins-20800 – Proximity readers and Keypads UL
ins-20711 – PROXIMITY vandal proof reader 2nd Gen