Visitor Management

Software: Arke

Description: Arke makes smart use of its users' mobile phones to bring PIN-based visitor management to Net2 Access Control. Users send an SMS that contains the mobile number of their visitor through to the Arke system. Arke then vets the request before sending a PIN through to the visitor, also via SMS.

Key features:

  • Native SMS - Personalised entry codes delivered straight to your guests, no app required, supports all phones
  • Limited-use PINs - Automatically revoked after use; simple, direct, secure.
  • Net2 department synchronisation - Import users into Arke from Net2 for simple setup
  • Welcome message - A customisable welcome message for newly added users
  • Audit trail - Easy tracking of the PINs issued and who issued them
  • SSL encryption - Secure client-server communication
  • Customisable PIN delivery message - Personalise Arke to fit your business needs
  • Unused PIN monitor - Unused PINs are revoked after a customisable period of time
  • Simple billing - invoices delivered within the application every month

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

Languages available: English

How to buy: Trial mode available on website - move from trial version to paid version from within the web app. Email:

Contact: +44 (0) 20 7193 4040