Visitor Management

Software: Arke

Description: Smart community and visitor management platform for residential multi-tenant, gated communities and secure estates. Serving millions of people around the world.

Key features:

  • Visitor management - Access automatically revoked after use; simple, direct, secure
  • Resident app - Easy roll-out, powerful engagement
  • Community messaging - Communicate with your residents; en-masse or directly
  • Management portal - Audit trails and configuration, access for all of your team
  • Watchlist - Keep your community safe and secure
  • Net2 integration - Works with the hardware that you have already
  • SSL encryption - Banking grade client-server communication
  • Cost-effective - No hidden costs, simple pricing plans

Net2 compatibility: v5.03 onwards

Languages available: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Other languages available on request.

How to buy: Trial available on website  Email:

Contact: +44 (0) 20 7193 4040