Arteco VEMS

Video Management

Software name: Paxton Integration

Description: Available as a plug-in for Arteco’s Video Event Management Software (VEMS), Paxton’s Net2 range of device integration allows users to manage the Net2 access control system along with surveillance cameras, video analytics and any other existing security equipment all from one centralized interface, Arteco NEXT.

This combination assures that potential threats, such as a “door forced open” or “door left open” alarms can be investigated immediately. Linking access control events to video and other security devices also allows operators to remotely verify the identity of an individual and open or close the doors. Embedded audio controls facilitate an even stronger identification, facilitating the communication of instructions and information.

A software service (plug-in) with a simple and intuitive GUI helps users to connect the Net2 software to Arteco NEXT to acquire Access Control devices and permissions configuration.

Arteco NEXT users have a dedicated and customizable GUI for event management which allows them to receive pictures, event details, access details and to monitor and interact with doors/locks.

Abilities include being able to link single devices/sensors with cameras and other security devices for a more comprehensive event management and increased situational awareness.

Events and devices are manageable via interactive and dynamic maps.

Multiple event notifications (email, outputs, audio, Push Notifications). Multiple Net2 servers can be connected to a single Arteco instance.

Net2 compatibility: v5.04 onwards

Languages available: English and Italian

How to buy: Through Arteco certified distributors -

Contact: Marco Malavolti - Marketing Manager - - Tel: +39 0546 645862