DigiGreet Connect

Visitor Management

Software: DigiGreet Visitor Sign in solution


DigiGreet is an intelligent people management system that can manage visitors, staff, students (MIS integration) and contractors (enhanced document management). DigiGreet is a central solution to manage everyone on site, which makes an impeccable first impression on visitors while reducing management time and improving overall safeguarding measures. Schools and educational institutes using MIS can also benefit with full integration that allows for student absences and late arrivals management.


Key benefits & features:

DigiGreet Connect integrates seamlessly with Net2 and allows:

  • Automatically populate Net2 users into DigiGreet
  • Automatically add users from DigiGreet into Net2
  • Pull users from MIS and add them to DigiGreet and Net2
  • Assign different door access rights through DigiGreet
  • Automatically disable user access after they are removed/disabled in Net2
  • Assign temporary door access to visitors or those who are pre-booked
  • Real time Paxton door events logged into DigiGreet
  • Contactless sign in and door access via QR codes


Relevant features within the solution:

  • Contactless sign in/out process
  • Expected arrivals list
  • Print visitor badges and assign temporary access
  • Fully customisable front screen with multiple text and display options
  • Display safeguarding messages and custom questions depending on visitor type
  • Automated email and SMS notifications for visitor arrivals
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meeting rooms facilities for staff to book
  • Multi-site functionality with seamless movement between the sites
  • Late pupil arrivals and attendance updates
  • Fully branded look to match your organisations logo/colour scheme


Net2 compatibility: v6.01 onwards

Languages available: English

How to buy: digigreet.com or email: info@digigreet.com