Hardware: Digit9 IAM Multimodial Biometric Devices.

Software: Frost

Description: The Digit9 Tech Labs integration offers multimodal biometric identification using face, finger iris, & voice authentication. The integration with Net2 allows for database synchronisation from Net2 to Digit9’s Frost software.

Key benefits & features:

  • Supports use of face, finger, or voice recognition Database sync – Synchronization between Net2 & the Digit9 Frost software
  • Integration supports V4 8” Thermal scanner by Digit9 Tech Labs
  • Does not support denied event or temp logging
  • Connects to Net2 via Wiegand output


Net2 compatibility: v6.01 onwards

Languages available: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and German

How to buy: www.digit9tech.com or email: jenny@digit9tech.com