InVentry Sign In Solution

Visitor Management

Software: InVentry Sign In Solution


The InVentry integration with Paxton enables users to:

  • Enter records once into your MIS for it to be automatically added to InVentry and Paxton
  • Populate your Paxton system and users directly through InVentry
  • Assign di­fferent door access rights through your InVentry system
  • Trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader with a single swipe
  • Automatically disable Paxton access when a user is disabled or removed from InVentry or your MIS
  • Assign temporary door access cards to visitors or those who are pre-booked on InVentry
  • Collect sign in/out data from Paxton to populate InVentry database


Relevant features within your solution:

  • Integrated webcam, customisable front screen and widgets
  • Visitor sign in and photo ID badge printing
  • Late pupil sign in with printed passes for late arriving pupils
  • Group tracking module for quick sign in/out of groups of pupils for school trips
  • Visitor memory with facial recognition
  • GDPR visitor consent
  • Staff notifications when a visitor arrives on site
  • Roll call app
  • Pre-booking of visitors with e-tickets
  • Calendar integration for pre-booking
  • Mobile location-based sign in for staff (geofencing)
  • Fully customisable Paxton ID cards for staff
  • Seamless multi-site functionality allowing sign in / out using the same ID


Net2 compatibility: V5.04.6411 and onwards

Languages available: English

How to buy: Via authorised resellers. Find out more at