Wisenet Wave

Video Management

Software: Wisenet Wave

Description: Wisenet Wave is Hanwha Techwin’s newest Video Management System. It challenges the traditional approach of many VMS’ with a new emphasis on simplified, yet powerful and dynamic, user experience. Designed to be an open and relatively agnostic video management platform, Wave is predominantly developed to take advantage of Hanwha Techwin Cameras via SUNAPI 2.0 API. However, a large number of 3rd party CCTV Cameras are supported along with the latest ONVIF protocol.

Many VMS platforms are constrained by Operating System and infrastructures. Wisenet Wave overcomes this by offering OS support for Windows and Linux Servers, and Client applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.

Using Server based recording allows a higher level of system performance, which is realised within the Net 2 interface by providing a Soft Client instance of Wisenet Wave that will Pop up, allow the user to interact with the VMS with a high degree of functionality, such as the ability to export footage directly from within Net 2

Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

Using the dynamic and flexible approach of the Wave GUI, presented in Net2 as a Soft Client, Wisenet Wave not only allows Live cameras to be viewed in Net2 Clients, but also the advanced playback and export capabilities of Wisenet Wave are available directly within the Net 2 application.

Relevant features within your solution:

Discovery of all cameras from a connected Wisenet Wave VMS.

Highly capable Soft Client:

  • Live feeds of one or more associated cameras
  • Snapshot of those cameras in Live
  • Rotate image
  • Thumbnail View
  • Replay of recording with player controls such as Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Pause, Frame Advance slider
  • Smart Searching
  • Export of single or multiple cameras – either in open format (MKV, MP4 or AVI) – or with Player as a run time executable that needs no installation

Net2 compatibility: v5. onwards

Languages available: English (UK), English (US), Spanish, French, Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean

How to buy: The plug-in is available from Hanwha Techwin Technical Support free of charge. However, it does require a Wisenet Wave VMS to be in place on the same site, and be using the Recording onto Server based HDD Drives for the replay functionality to work.

Contact: www.hanwha-security.eu | sales@hanwha.com