Application Notes
Sales Code: 214-326-US

Desktop reader with Keyboard Output, USB



Add tokens quickly and accurately
Easily find the owner of a lost token
Simple USB connection
Keyboard output generates a copy of the token number on your PC

Info – The desktop reader is designed to sit next to the PC. It is used for reading credentials and outputting the token number in a keyboard output format. It can be used for adding tokens to a system and for identifying lost cards. Additional workstations can also have desktop readers. As this is a keyboard output reader, care must be taken with its use. Credentials presented to the reader will place the information at the point the cursor is located on a computer screen. It is therefore important that you have placed your cursor in the correct location prior to presenting a card. The new user window in your software must be manually opened and the cursor located in the ‘token number’ field for the token to be correctly added to the system.

Installation – This unit is for indoor use only. Plug the reader into a convenient USB port on the PC with the supplied USB cable. Stop and then restart the Net2 server program. The device will now be available to the Net2 program. This unit requires Net2 v3.09 or later software. Support for Mifare cards requires v4.17 or later. Call Technical Support if you require a software upgrade.

Power supply – The power for the unit is supplied via the USB cable. No additional supply is required. Wiring methods shall be in accordance with the National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA70), local codes, and the authorities having jurisdiction.


Application Notes