Building Schools for the Future

11 Schools Secured in Yorkshire Using Paxton

Building Schools for the Future is a nationwide scheme and the largest school building programme since the 1800s: worth £55bn, the Labour government’s aim was to rebuild or refurbish every secondary school in the UK. Rochdale Council implemented a five year plan from January 2010 to December 2014 for 11 schools, costing the local borough council £160m. Every school had to comply with the local educational authority’s regulations for securing children and staff.
Capita Managed IT Solutions were awarded the Rochdale Building Schools for the Future contract in 2010. They are the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions.


Andrew Tupman, Project Manager at Capita Managed IT Solutions, says: ‘Each of the BSF schools in Rochdale had very different needs and budgets to work with. It was an authority requirement for all of the schools to secure every external door, with anything additional at the school’s discretion. One school opted to secure every classroom, amounting to over 150 doors. Paxton provided the perfect solution for this with their wireless and networked Net2 PaxLock.’


“Kingsway Park High School originally wanted 20 doors, after Maxine discovered how well the Paxton products worked she came back to us for additional doors and feature solutions”

Andrew Tupman, Capita Managed IT Solutions, Project Manager



Net2 PaxLock is a wireless access control unit in a door handle, combining networked security with a stylish proximity reader. The simple design means that it can be easily retrofitted in place of a standard handle. Net2 PaxLock wirelessly communicates with Net2 software, reporting events back to the server PC, meaning that student activity can be easily monitored. Net2 software is a networked access control system that benefits from the advantages of central control from one PC, event reporting and flexible control over users’ access. Each secured door is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events. Users of Net2 can also benefit from additional features like custom days, ideal for schools adapting access permissions for one-off occasions like open days and parents’ evenings.

Capita Managed IT Solutions integrated the Net2 software with Milestone. Milestone systems produce IP video management software that integrate with Net2 and allows users to manage CCTV and access control in unison. The benefits of this include features such as alerts when a door forced event is received and event tracking through the Milestone software with the relevant footage stored


Maxine Parratt, Network Manager from Kingsway Park High School one of the 11 schools, says: ‘If an external door is forced at any time of the day I receive an email alert so I am informed immediately, it offers great peace of mind for the safety of our pupils and is a preventative for any potential pupil truancy.’
Net2 is ideally suited to the growing schools within BSF, the system is easily scalable with up to 1,000 doors on one network. Andrew Tupman says: ‘Kingsway Park High School originally wanted 20 doors, after Maxine discovered how well the Paxton products worked she came back to us for additional doors and feature solutions.’


Type of site

  • 11 Secondary Schools, including Special Educational Needs and a Behavioural Difficulties Educational College



  • Yorkshire, UK


Number of users/doors

  • 383 doors
  • 11 sites


Solution required

  • Secure school buildings and property
  • Restricted access to visitors, i.e. deliveries
  • Networked security solution to control the movement of children during lesson time



  • Customer confidence using the solution
  • Timezones feature in Net2 software allows children, teachers and parents to come and go freely during morning breaks and home time
  • Integration with Milestone creates extra features and CCTV event logging


Paxton products used

  • Net2 Plus controllers
  • Net2 software
  • Entry panels
  • Entry monitors
  • Net2 PaxLock