Paxton’s Net2 access control system helps protect Michelin’s prestigious know-how

Established in France in 1898, Michelin, the international giants of tyre manufacturing, hold forefront positions in every tyre market as well as in travel-related services. With 72 production facilities in 19 countries, their Dundee factory has been operating for nearly 40 years, and has developed a rapid production rate of between six & seven million car tyres a year.


The Dundee factory is a large scale site with over 800 employees working a 24 hour industrial shift pattern, across 22 different buildings. Mike Donald, Senior Risk Manager, is responsible for the prevention of risk to the Michelin environment at the Dundee factory.

He says: “Security is very important to Michelin. We need to manage the flow of staff and visitors to our factory as well as secure Michelin information. Over the years we have successfully invented and launched the radial tyre, among other breakthroughs. These secret recipes are something unique to our company. Michelin’s ‘know-how’ is the sort of technology worth protecting.”

Mike wanted a security system to control access to the main gates and other core buildings. He called in Richard McCredie from Midlands Electrical Fire and Security Ltd who specified Net2, Paxton’s electronic access control system.

Richard said: “Michelin wanted to secure their main gates and areas they didn’t want the public to gain access to. This included their factory, Michelin training school, main IT room and private offices. Once Net2 was installed and they saw how simple it was to use, the decision was made to extend the system to more doors around the site.”


Michelin wanted to secure their main gates and areas that were closed to the public. Once Net2 was installed and they saw how simple it was to use, the decision was made to extend the system to more doors around the site.

– Richard McCredie, Midlands Electrical Fire and Security LTD



Richard fitted Paxton’s Metal readers to the main turnstile gates at the entrance of the Michelin site. Now, when visitors arrive at the manned Reception desk they are given a smart ID/access card in one, branded with the Michelin logo. Michelin use the Card Designer program in Net2 software to design different cards for staff and guests.

Some visitors require regular vehicle access to deliver supplies and material for making the Michelin tyres. These visitors simply keep their ID/access cards in their vehicles and present them to the Metal readers on the main gates as they approach the entrance for access. Michelin have a security team, a permanent presence at the main gates who manage access rights in the Net2 software for staff and visitors.

Mike said: “The security team had no problems learning Net2. The software is intuitive and they picked it up really easily. It’s a great solution for us as we now use the reports to monitor staff and guest access around the site.”


Michelin are very happy with the Net2 system. Using a cost-effective system like Net2 has meant that Michelin can start out by securing access to the core areas of their business and expand according to budget. All Net2 access control units are designed to control one door. This one door philosophy also works well for Michelin as it means doors can be added to the system quickly and easily when needed.


Type of site

  • Manufacturing



  • Dundee, Scotland


Number of users

  • 800 users


Solution required

  • A security system to control access to the main gates



  • Access control securing the factory, training school, main IT room and private offices
  • Access and ID cards issued to visitors to site


Paxton products used

  • Net2 software
  • Metal readers on turnstile gates