Vauréal Council

Net2 Improves Security Management for Council Buildings

Vauréal is a town located in a suburb of north west Paris. The council own and manage 25 sites in Vaureal including the local school, three leisure facilities, plus a number of socially run charities and arts centres.


The council required one access control system that would enable their IT team to easily manage all of their sites and the varying access permissions of 850 users, including staff from the council, local associations, and visitors. To manage the multiple sites Alberici Jérôme, the IT Systems Manager, needed to be able to access the system from one central location, with the ability to easily create, amend, and remove users and access permissions to support the variety of activities taking place across the sites. Increasing security was key to managing and maintaining the flow of access to the buildings and preventing unauthorised access.


We required a simple cost-effective solution that would allow us to easily manage access to the communal buildings. The Net2 system is really easy to use and provides us with increased security across multiple sites.

– Alberici Jérôme, Vauréal Town Council



Net2, Paxton’s flagship access control system, was recommended due to its user-friendly interface and flexible management capabilities. Net2 moves beyond the basics of controlling the flow of people around a building and is designed to make the management of any site straightforward, with a range of features that ensure the system is easy to use.

Each site is now secured with Net2 and is part of a wider network, but can also run independently. This allows the IT Systems Manager to run each site individually, meeting their specific needs, whilst being part of one system. Access levels can easily be assigned to individuals, or to entire groups, allowing access to be granted to more than one site if necessary. The timezones feature in the Net2 software means that access permissions can be tailored to fit specific time parameters for each day, allowing access only during certain times to those users who have been authorised.


With the introduction of Net2, the council buildings no longer require keys for access. Users now have tokens which they present to the readers on each door. Due to the high volume of users, access control was the most cost-effective solution for the multiple sites. If a user loses their token, or does not return it when they no longer require access, there is no need to replace any locks and keys; the user can simply be removed from the system and their token cancelled.

Net2 has increased overall security for the council, reducing the risk of unauthorised users accessing the sites. The centrally managed system provides better visibility of the flow of people across all the sites.

The IT Systems Manager said: “I learnt to use the Net2 system really quickly, a few hours of training were enough to fully understand all the functions of the software. We’re very pleased with our new solution, it is simple to use, more reliable, and inexpensive compared to using locks and keys. We can also manage the Net2 system remotely which is great if there’s an issue we need to resolve quickly.”

With the Net2 system now in place, the Vaureal town council will continue to add more doors and expand their system as and when their requirements change.


Type of site

  • Public Sector; Town Council



  • Vauréal, France


Number of sites/doors/users

  • 25 sites
  • 45 doors
  • 850 users


Solution required

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Manage access to council buildings
  • Increase security across multiple sites



  • Reduced costs from replacing locks and keys
  • Centrally managed scalable system


Paxton products used

  • Net2 plus
  • Net2 pro software
  • P50 readers