miPASS Access Net2 (MPA Net2)


Software: miPASS Access Net2 (MPA)

Beschreibung: MPA provides a unique and seamless Multi-Authentication Biometric solution managed and administered via Net2.

Launched from within Net2, MPA offers a selection of user credentials, from Finger only, card only and PIN only to a combination of all three and which can be assigned as needed to specific users. For example, Finger only may be used by general staff, while card only or PIN only may be used for visitor access.

Areas requiring higher levels of authentication can increase the authentication required for a specific door.

Example: Door 1 = Finger and Card, Door 2= Finger, PIN and Card, in this example the users' authentication requirements change to suit the security needs of the area.

Net2-Kompatibilität: v5.04 oder höher

Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch

Kaufhinweise: Contact BQT Solutions at www.bqtsolutions.com