Highlands Grow

Net2 Secures US Cannabis Facility

Highlands Grow is based in Lapeer, Michigan, US. They’re a fully licensed industrial-scale cultivator producing cannabis for medicinal and adult recreational use. The volume of produce they cultivate is of extremely high-market value and needs to be secured by state law, with a sophisticated and advanced security system.

Matt Saagman, Director of Cultivation at Highlands Grow, called Existo Solutions. They recommended Paxton’s Net2 access control solution due to its customisable high-security functionality and integration options.

Existo Solutions are a Michigan-based technology consulting company that specialise in services designed specifically for the cannabis industry. They have been assisting cultivation facilities since 2018 and consider themselves pioneers in supporting growers in the blooming US industry.


Prior to the new Net2 security installation, the Highlands Grow facility was secured by traditional locks and keys. This meant that they were open to potential security risks, and their site would not meet the requirements by state law to secure the higher volume of product they plan to produce as they increase the size of their ever-growing customer base.

Chris Hernandez, Operations Lead at Existo Solutions, said: “Highlands Grow came to us as we are a compliance solution company specifically working for the cannabis industry.

“Achieving compliance while growing cannabis in most US states is related to the security and access of the facility. Cultivators who don’t comply can receive up to a $90k fine from the US government, so access control is vitally important to get right.”

Additionally, for the new security system to meet the requirements of Highlands Grow, it needed to integrate with surveillance cameras and incorporate a remote alert system. This includes monitoring 50 cameras installed across the site, while securing 21 doors that lead to a variety of large-scale grow rooms and secure vaults, storing curing cannabis as well as finished product.

Having this functionality is crucial so the owners can receive real-time notifications and video clips of potential security risks on individual doors when the facility is unattended or at low employee capacity.

Chris continues: “What is very important for the customers in our industry, isn’t just knowing who goes in and out of a facility, it’s who goes up to a door when they are not supposed to. It’s about being aware of who tried to open a vault when no one is there.”


Paxton are our go to when it comes to access control. We like the way Net2 integrates with VIVOTEK cameras, and the system just works every time. Net2 has enabled us to provide Highlands Grow with the highest security service package we offer, which is great for them.

– Chris Hernandez, Operations Lead at Existo Solutions



Existo Solutions recommended and installed Net2, Paxton’s flagship networked IP access control system, which originally launched into the US market in 2007. Since then, the system has received consistent updates and integrated with many leading cameras, as well as fire and intruder alarms.

On this occasion Net2 was integrated seamlessly with VIVOTEK cameras. This means that Highlands Grow can remotely monitor every door on their facility 24/7, using Net2Online software and the Paxton Connect app.

Chris said: “Paxton are our go to when it comes to access control. We like the way Net2 integrates with VIVOTEK cameras, and the system just works every time. Net2 has enabled us to provide Highlands Grow with the highest security service package we offer, which is great for them.”

An Entry Touch panel has been fitted on the main entrance to the facility, alongside an Entry Premium monitor in the site’s security station. The Net2 software has been configured by Existo to provide notification alerts on the owner’s smart devices if people are trying to enter the building outside of business hours.

Additionally, Net2 readers were fitted across all doors on the site alongside the camera integration to monitor access from internal employees to grow rooms and vaults storing valuable produce. These readers have been configured to allow different access levels depending on seniority in the company, and time restrictions added to lock down rooms with no need for frequent access.

Chris concludes: “I think access control is so important as one of the initial means to manage the workspace and how people move around. There are lots of locked doors in the cannabis industry and opening them using Net2 makes it easy to move around with large plants on carts.”

“Paxton makes our job straightforward. It’s beyond simple, it’s beyond easy, and the technology is so stable, that it’s easy to support.”


The Net2 system has been installed with no problems and the owners are pleased with how easy Net2 access control is to use. They have been maximising the use of its feature-rich software and have been impressed with the proximity cards, which they have doubled up as access tokens and ID cards. This means they should be always carried and makes their access control infrastructure easy to manage.

Matt Saagman, Director of Cultivation at Highlands Grow, said: “Using Net2 is very smooth. Once I started using the Paxton Connect app, it has been a breeze. Almost too easy.

“As we expand out our facility, we plan to keep building on the current system and we are interested in seeing what else it can do as we grow.”



Michigan, US

Type of site:

Cannabis cultivation facility

Number of cameras/doors:

  • 50 cameras
  • 21 doors



  • Net2 Plus 1 door controllers
  • Proximity marine readers
  • Proximity metal keypads, MIFARE® – KP75
  • Net2 Pro Software (Net2 Online)



  • Provide a brand-new security system
  • Simple access and egress for staff
  • Maintain high levels of security for a large site



  • Simple, user-friendly access control system
  • Flexible token/credentials to suit varying requirements
  • Visually appealing hardware to suit building aesthetics
  • Scalable solution for future expansion



  • VIVOTEK cameras