Dahua ANPR Camera


Hardware: Dahua ANPR camera (ITC237-PU1B-IR)

Description: Dahua ANPR camera (ITC237-PU1B-IR) captures the number plate and sends it to Paxton Net2 by Wiegand. The Net2 software will use the number plate in place of a token; opening the door/gate for any number plates included in whitelist.

This integration offers the ANPR functionality, and video storage within the Dahua recorder.

Download the Dahua firmware here.

Net2 compatibility: v2.16 onwards

Languages available: English and Chinese

How to buy: Buy exclusively from Dahua's distribution partners: https://www.dahuasecurity.com/uk/partners/TechnologyPartner

Support: support.uk@dahuatech.com

Download Dahua driver for Net2: https://www.dahuasecurity.com/search/download-center?keyword=paxton