ECHO Unify Multi-Server

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Software: ECHO Unify Multi-Server


ECHO Unify effortlessly integrates multiple access control servers into a cohesive and user-friendly system.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

  • Multi-Tenant Management: easily oversee access control for different tenants or locations, simplifying complex administrative tasks.
  • User Access Management: add, modify, or delete user access rights across all systems from a single screen.
  • Remote Door Control: Open, close, or monitor doors remotely, enhancing security.
  • Remote Access Control: Grant or revoke access from anywhere, ensuring high level of security and convenience.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Access detailed, real-time reports and logs, empowering you with valuable insights.


Net2 compatibility: v6 onwards

Languages available: English. Greek

How to buy: Email