Essentry Visitor and Access Management x Net2 integration

Visitor Management

Software: Essentry Visitor and Access Management

Description: Essentry is a user-friendly, efficient, and secure building access and visitor management system for staff, contractors, guests, and other external visitors. Essentry securely manages the entire cycle of visitor operations at an enterprise-grade level, utilising a unique visitor verification process that uses both identity document verification and facial matching. Essentry’s solutions leverage artificial intelligence and biometric technology to make customer facilities safer and more secure. This process is also automated and integrates seamlessly into existing IT systems and replaces inefficient reception procedures.

Key benefits and features:

The integration enables hosts to set access rights during the invitation process for guests. During the check-in process on-site at Essentry’s self-service kiosks the identity of the guest is being verified using identity document verification and a biometric face match. After successful check-in, the kiosk gives out an RFID card that holds the access rights that the host has set.

  • The Visitor Manger helps you orchestrate each visit from a single source, starting with the invitation to check-out. It helps you maintain control over your site at all times, allowing you to tailor Essentry to your specific needs.
  • The Compliance Manger helps you adhere to regulatory and data privacy standards at all times. Build compliance workflows and ensure granular roles and permission concepts.
  • The Integration Manager supports you in the seamless integration of Essentry into existing processes and IT systems - starting with access control systems, employee directories or communication systems from common providers.


Additional costs to enable you to integrate with Net2: Essentry offers standardised license-based pricing. For more information, please contact their sales department using the contact info below.

Net2 compatibility: 6.02 and higher

Languages available: English, French, German & Dutch

Contact: Email: | Call: +49 (0) 6196 9734 090