HikCentral Professional via Optimus

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Software: HikCentral Professional via Optimus

Description: HikCentral Professional is Hikvision’s software platform for integrating and managing security systems. It’s designed to meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform. With HikCentral Professional, you can manage multiple individual systems with ease, such as video security, access control, security alarms, and more, you can also explore cross-system functionalities. Daily operations become more efficient whilst ensuring the protection of people and property improve all around.

The Hikvision Optimus is the middleware between HikCentral and third party systems such as Net2. Optimus offers seamless import and synchronization of events, alarms, devices, and user information between the two systems. Optimus offers an intuitive graphical user interface for adapting and configuring events-to-actions between the systems. Furthermore, the operator receives a health status of the various integration components.

Key benefits and features:

The integration allows the operator to monitor and control both systems in one user interface, thus achieving excellent situational awareness, transparency, and swift response. This includes:

  • Import Paxton Net2 Events & Alarms into HikCentral
  • Import Paxton Net2 devices into HikCentral to display on E–Map
  • Synchronize data, users and events between HikCentral and Net2
  • Import Paxton Net2 Events & Alarms into HikCentral to display on the alarm manager
  • Automate processes by linking events-to-actions (such as turning a PTZ to a door with tamper alarm; alert security guard)

Net2 compatibility: V6.05

Languages available: English (for Optimus). HikCentral Professional is available in 28 languages (list available upon request).

Contact: Hikvision Sales: presales.uk@hikvision.com or Call: +44(0)1628 902 140