Club Management

Software: myClubhouse


At its heart, myClubhouse is a web-based membership management system.  It allows clubs to manage membership subscriptions, collecting payments, keeping track of who is a member and what level of membership they have, and can store ancillary member data that the club needs to hold, like emergency contacts, medical conditions, allergies etc.  It also supports management of events, booking of assets (like tennis courts, function rooms), teams (fixtures and selections), competitions, etc.

It facilitates communications with members and can integrate with access control and lighting control systems.  It is essentially a one-stop shop for everything a club needs to run itself.


Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

  • Automatically synchronise member data in myClubhouse with Paxton Net2.
  • Map member subsets in myClubhouse to access levels and departments in Net2.
  • Automatically create and disable Net2 users as members join and leave.
  • Synchronise card/fob IDs from myClubhouse to Net2.
  • Create and disable Net2 users as members join and leave.


Additional costs: Use of the integration requires the purchase of the optional “Doors and Gates” add-on.  Pricing details here:

Net2 compatibility: v6.7 and above.

Languages available: English

How to buy: 020 3286 8672 |