Net2 MorphoManager BioBridge


Software: Net2 MorphoManager BioBridge Integration

Description: The Net2 MorphoManager BioBridge integration provides synchronisation of user details between the Net2 environment and the Morpho environment, removing the need to enter user details twice.

The Morpho environment comprises the MorphoManager software, plus the Morpho biometric readers. Compatible readers are:

The legacy range of Morpho readers (MA 500+, OMA 500 and MA J series) is also supported.

Download the manual here.

Net2 compatibility: v5.04 or newer. Morpho manager version 13.5.1 or newer is required. Download here:

Languages available: MorphoManager is available in English. There is an application note available to enable translation of text on Morpho Terminals that include an LCD screen.

How to buy: The Morpho biometric readers are available from a network of IDEMIA partners. Please contact IDEMIA to help direct you to an appropriate partner.

Contact: +44 (0) 118 377 4300 |