Visitor Management

Software: Sharry Workplace


Sharry has developed a smart workplace experience platform around digital employee badges for enterprises and office buildings.

The solution brings multiple touch points to redefine workplace experience, including mobile access, smart parking, hybrid work, visitor management, and employee engagement.

Sharry supports multiple access credentials such as NFC badges (with Apple Wallet), BLE badges, smart license plate cameras, or guest passes with QR codes.

The platform helps the client to achieve their environmental, society and governance goals. The integration provides valuable occupancy data and insights to manage and drive hybrid work.


Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

  • Manage both employees' and guests' physical access from a user-friendly web interface or even from your mobile app, no matter where you are located.
  • The integration allows for Mobile access solutions with HID which includes Mobile Access Solutions including Apple Wallet NFC badge support.
  • Sharry has an advanced data dashboard available to all clients showing workplace daily occupancy and amenities utilization.
  • The solution helps you optimize property operations and manage hybrid work trends.


Additional costs: There are additional costs in combining Paxton with HID Origo Mobile access. Please contact Sharry for further information.

Net2 compatibility: v6.6 SR3 and later. Net2 PRO is required

Languages available: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Dutch

How to buy/Contact: or call +420 771 275 936