Software: TAMS


Time and Attendance Management (TAMS), is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize workforce management. This software offers efficient tracking and recording of employee attendance, work hours, and leave. It provides real-time insights into employee activities, aiding in payroll processing, resource allocation, and compliance with labour regulations.

The system's user-friendly interface simplifies employee clock-in/out procedures, reducing administrative burden. It also offers features like customisable reporting and integration with payroll systems. TAMS addresses the challenges of workforce tracking, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

This solution proves vital for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency, maintain compliance, and effectively manage their workforce resources.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

  • Automates attendance tracking.
  • Simplifies payroll processes.
  • Reduces administrative tasks.
  • Real-time insights into workforce activities improving tracking and decision-making


Net2 compatibility: v6.6 and above.

Languages available: English

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