Video Management

Software: Tether

Description: The Tether integration with the Net2 system enables the full bilateral synchronisation of information between the systems, ensuring the accuracy of access control-triggered event information stored with analysed video footage taken immediately before and after the event.

Key benefits and features:

A full integration with Net2, enabling:

  • Video recording to be triggered from an access control event
  • Full access control event data to be stored with the video image
  • Synchronisation of information between systems
  • Ability to add and release users on either system from the other
  • Ability to fully manage Paxton Net2 systems from the Tether platform


Net2 compatibility: All

Languages available: English

How to buy: Contact Cameron Duodu at cameron.duodu@tetherit.io

Contact: support@tetherit.io or 0208 099 6260 (Live Chat also available within the Tether platform)