Asset Management

Software: TrakaWEB


TrakaWEB integrates with Net2 Pro to provide the benefits of Traka asset management for users of Paxton Net2 access control.

TrakaWEB provides the automated importing of Paxton Net2 users into TrakaWEB and access to Traka assets using selected Paxton Access Levels which can also be imported into TrakaWEB and assigned access to subsets of assets.

TrakaWEB provides functionality to import the Paxton Net2 users assigned token allowing Paxton Net2 cardholders to use their existing physical card on a Traka key or locker system to access the assets within. Additional details from the Paxton user can be imported into TrakaWEB to provide further context as to who is accessing assets and drive Traka email notifications about key or user key movements.

For security conscious users there is functionality to block cardholder egress through Paxton managed readers & turnstiles when Traka managed assets are removed and held by Paxton users


Key benefits & features when integrated with Paxton:

  • Prevents users from leaving the site until items have been returned
  • Send User, Token and Access Level updates to the TrakaWEB platform at frequent intervals
  • Significantly reduce administration overhead
  • Ensure consistent data between Traka and Paxton Net2
  • Single credential used for both door access and assets secured in Traka
  • Administer the Traka system from the familiar Paxton Net2 environment


Additional costs: £1,869.00 (Integration software only, does not include: TrakaWEB platform or physical Traka key and locker systems which must be purchased separately).

Net2 compatibility: Net2 v6.6 and later. Net2 PRO is required

Languages available: English,

How to buy: