Net2Air hands free interface

  • Convert existing or new P series readers to hands free
  • Increases read range dramatically
  • Wires in series with the reader
  • Uses wireless technology
  • Requires no separate power source
  • Now works with KP series Keypads
About - The term 'Hands free access control' means the token that identifies a user is read from inside a pocket or purse. No hands required. This is useful for gates and barriers, loading doors and where disabled or elderly people require access. The hands free interface, in conjunction with hands free tokens, achieve this using Paxton Access' unique wireless technology.

Installation - Any new or existing P series reader can be converted to hands free by fitting a Net2Air hands free interface. The interface requires no external power source and is wired in series between the reader and the control unit. The interface should be mounted as close to the reader as is possible up to a maximum of 49 feet.

Operation - Once the interface has been fitted, Net2Air hands free tokens will have a read range of between 2 to 8 feet. The reader will continue to read regular tokens as usual. If the long read range causes any problems, such as people unlocking the door as they walk past, an entry button can be fitted. The entry button can be any standard push to make device and prevents the door from opening until it has been pressed.

Sales code Description
477-222-USHandsfree interface in plastic housing