Energy saving reader

  • For use with Switch2 or Net2
  • Helps save on energy costs
  • Simple mounting
  • Supplied with a choice of black or white covers
  • Reads MIFARE® tokens when used with Net2
  • Reads EM4100 tokens when used with Net2
About - The energy saving reader is for use with Switch2 or Net2 systems. The reader's cover is designed to retain a user's PROXIMITY card. The reader is used to ensure that electrical equipment is only switched on when an authorized user card is inserted into the cover.

Installation - The reader is wired as shown on the control unit label. The cable exits centrally from the back of the reader making drilling and mounting very accurate. The relays on Net2 or Switch to control units are used to provide a volt free relay toggled output. If using to switch a 110-V load, then a 110-V rated relay should be used.

Operation - A proximity card is placed into the reader cover. This activates a relay that allows connected equipment to be switched on. When the card is removed the relay is de-activated and turns the equipment off.

Sales code Description
595-248-USEnergy saving reader