Vandal resistant metal keypad

  • For use with Net2
  • Vandal resistant design
  • Robust metal construction
  • Security fixing screws
  • Backlit keypad
  • IPX7 rated - suitable for external use
About - The Vandal resistant metal keypads are for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. The keypad is manufactured using a cast metal housing and is supplied with a choice of a metal mounting plate or a metal surface mounting box. This robust keypad is also backlit for ease of use in low lighting conditions.

Installation - The keypad is wired as shown on the control unit label. The cable exits centrally from the back of the keypad. A metal mounting plate is provided to give a secure fixing to the mounting surface. Alternatively a surface mounted back box is provided to allow the cable to be terminated at the keypad. The keypad is attached to the mounting plate using 4 large security fixings. A security tool is provided.

Operation - A code is entered using the keypad. The control unit checks the validity of the code and grants or denies access as appropriate.

Sales code Description
521-715-USVandal resistant metal keypad