Sales Code: 337-430

Entry Standard Panel – demonstration case



excl. VAT

Complete Entry system in a case
Everything needed to demo the system
Designed to speed up installation
Connects directly via Ethernet

About – The demonstration units can be taken to a customer’s premises and used to demonstrate the Entry system. Seeing and using the system can significantly increase the chance of the customer placing an order.

Cases contain a standard monitor, standard panel, monitor stand and a sample pack of demonstration tokens

Demonstration equipment can be ordered directly from Paxton. As the equipment is used to sell Net2 systems they are sold at a greatly reduced price.

Installation – The cases are supplied ready to use. Equipment connects directly via Ethernet.

Operation – The operation of the demonstration unit is identical to a standard single door Entry system. When connected to Net2 or Paxton10, access to the building can be gained by using a PIN, Code and/or proximity token (including MIFARE® and Paxton tokens). Paxton10 also offers free Bluetooth Smart Credentials for use with Entry panels. Entry v2.22 is required.

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