Application Notes
Sales Code: 125-001

Paxton – 125Khz ISO Proximity Card Licence x 1 with Genuine HID Technology™



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About – This product will allow for the activation of HID™ Prox® 125 kHz functionality on one compatible Paxton reader. Once activated readers will retain the capability to read Hitag2 (Paxton) and EM tokens.

Operation – To enable HID Prox 125 kHz, simply present your licence card to the reader you wish to activate within two minutes of it being powered up.

Further information can be found in APN-1152 – Net2 – HID™ Activation.


Please note: Not all Paxton readers can be activated for HID.

Please note: For Wiegand output you will also need a Wiegand Activation Card.

Application Notes