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Proximity function card pack



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Use with Compact and Switch2 systems
Unlocks advanced functions
Zoning - control access by token colour
Bar all users
Card plus PIN
Toggling output

About – For use with Proximity compact and Switch2 systems. The function card pack unlocks the more advanced features of these systems.

Installation – The pack needs to be enrolled. This is done by presenting the enrolment card from the original card pack followed by the enrolment card in the function card pack.

Operation – The various cards in the pack are used to configure the different functions.


Zone cards: There are three zone cards – green, amber and red. Zoning restricts the access privileges of groups of users dependant on the colour of their token. Presenting any of the three zone cards to a reader will turn off the LED of that colour. Users with that colour user token will not be granted access. If the same zone card is presented again the LED will turn back on. This means that users with that colour token will be granted access.

Time zones: This function allows a coloured zone to be activated/deactivated by a time clock.

Remote release: This card returns a system from the time zones mode back to its default state, where the exit button contacts may be used for a press to exit button (compact systems only).

Bar all users: A freshly installed Proximity system will recognise and admit all users from the enrolled token packs. In some cases it may be more appropriate to start with all tokens invalid so they may be validated individually.

Card plus PIN: This allows Proximity and Touchlock systems to be connected to give card plus code access control (compact systems only).

Relay toggle card: This changes the operation of the relay from momentary to toggling (or latching). If a valid token is presented the relay will switch. It will remain switched until either the same or any other valid token is presented.

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Application Notes