The Regency Town House Museum

Paxton10 Secures Grade 1 Listed Building with Access and Video

The Regency Town House is a Grade 1 listed terraced home in the heart of Brunswick Town, a Georgian estate in the City of Brighton & Hove, where Paxton are headquartered.

Today the building houses a museum and heritage centre with a focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove between the 1780s and 1840s.

The museum curator, Nick Tyson, required a security solution that could secure the property whilst still allowing the regular staff and volunteers to access restricted areas of the building. The ability to provide short-term, temporary access credentials was a requirement to be able to manage access for the 200 volunteers and contractors that work at the property every year.

The Regency Town House is also open to the public for guided tours, exhibitions and workshops, so the new system would also need to allow entry of up to 300 visitors per day.

The previous intercom system allowed the building managers to speak to the volunteers and visitors who arrived at the main entrance, but not to see them or grant access. With the management office on the second floor of the building, this presented a further issue with overseeing the flow of people that required access to the site.

Nick says: “Whilst The Regency Town House was undergoing a full renovation, it felt like the appropriate time to upgrade the system. Keys were being lost regularly and locks had to be changed, which comes with a cost. So we wanted to find a more cost-effective way to grant regular, trusted volunteers with the ability to access the site, whilst keeping the building secure.”


We chose Paxton10 because it is modular and easily scalable, which has just given us this fantastic capacity to shape our future. Paxton10 provides a security package that can evolve with us as we move towards project completion.

– Nick Tyson, Museum Curator


As a fellow Brighton & Hove business, The Regency Town House Museum team were keen to work with Paxton to create their new security system. Working in collaboration with another Sussex-based company, security integrator Vistec Systems, the museum team decided on Paxton10, the latest solution in Paxton’s product portfolio, launched in 2019.

Paxton10 combines next generation access control and video management on one user-friendly, online interface, making is easy to manage the security of your site. The system can manage up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras across multiple sites from a single server. With free Bluetooth smart credentials and a range of RFID token technologies it is the ideal choice for any building requiring a modern security solution.

The new Paxton10 systems meets all of the museum’s requirements. With cost-effective Paxton10 tokens and free smart credentials, the regular staff and volunteers no longer need to use keys to access the site.

The new solution also incorporates Entry, Paxton’s video door entry system, which works seamlessly with Paxton10. With the Entry Touch panel at the front door, and the touchscreen monitor in the management office, visitors to the site can be granted access following a two-way video conversation with the office staff. Short-term volunteers, contractors and relevant volunteers can be issued with a temporary PIN to allow them to gain access through the main entrance.

Following a recommendation from Vistec Systems, the Paxton10 Entry solution has also been integrated with a third party SIP service to allow all administrators to answer calls from the external panel via their smartphones. This means they have the ability to leave the office unmanned and still monitor and grant access through the front door.

The Paxton10 camera installed on site provides another layer of security. With a live video feed of the building, the camera footage alerts system administators if a visitor attempts to access a restricted area.

The management team can now see who is on site at any time, with the simple reporting functionality in the Paxton10 online software. Nick says: “The ability to manage the system from anywhere in the world is fantastic. Even if I am travelling for work I can login and see who is in the building from the event log and camera footage. I can also add, update and manage user permissions wherever I am. I absolutely love it!”

The team at The Regency Town House Museum have been quick to get to grips with their new system, and are now enjoying all of the benefits of Paxton10. Nick says: “As the primary administrator of the system, I have found the online software very easy to use, and the remote management aspect is fantastic.

“We chose Paxton10 because it is modular and easily scalable, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to increase the scope of our system in the near future.”

Future plans to extend the Paxton10 system include further securing the archives and other restricted areas internally, and extending the system to the basement annexe of the property.



Brighton, East Sussex

Type of building:



  • 18 regular users
  • 1 door
  • 1 camera



  • Paxton10 Server
  • Paxton10 Door Controller – 12V 2A PSU
  • Paxton10 Slimline Reader
  • Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera
  • Paxton10 Keyfobs – Pack of 10
  • Paxton10 Desktop Reader
  • Net2 Entry – Extension switch
  • Entry Standard monitor – with handset
  • Entry – Touch panel, flush mount



  • Permanent and temporary user access permissions
  • Remote management
  • Event and roll-call reporting



  • Simple site access for permanent and short-term staff and volunteers
  • Modern access control, door entry and video surveillance system
  • Event and video reporting for simple management of site and people movement



3CX – SIP Phone System