Occupancy Management

Control and monitor how many people are on site, in any given area.

The latest feature in Net2 has been developed specially for COVID-secure buildings to help meet social distancing guidelines. Net2 can help control and monitor multiple areas and groups of people in this way. It’s useful for a range of applications from single occupancy corridors to highly populated areas, making it suitable for sites of all sizes.

Control & monitor people numbers

Using the Occupancy Management feature in Net2 enables users to control and monitor the number of people in any area and set limits to how many can enter based on what’s safe and COVID-secure

Email or text alerts

Set the Net2 system to text or email the system administrator when the space is at or near capacity to allow them to monitor throughout the day

Deny access when safe capacity is reached

Users can define how many people are safe to be in a certain area, the system can be set to stop letting people in once the limit is reached

Automatic ‘one-in-one-out’

Once the ‘safe’ capacity is reached Net2 can operate on a one-in-one-out basis to keep user numbers below the maximum occupancy set

Simple live reporting

Net2 shows a clear visrual report in real time so you can monitor and manage who is in the area quickly and easily. This can be viewed on your PC, smartphone, tablet or large screen visible to everyone in the area