Our Directors

Anthony Brotherton-Ratcliffe

Group Chairman

As the founder and owner of Paxton, Anthony now has the role of non-executive Group Chairman. Whilst relying on the Group Chief Executive and other directors to run the group companies, he oversees the continuing success of Paxton and provides guidance during regular meetings.

Adam Stroud

Group Chief Executive

Adam oversees the direction and strategy of all companies in the Paxton Group (Paxton Access Ltd, Gendis Ltd, Paxton Access Inc. and Paxton GmbH). He leads the Board of Directors in managing, developing and executing the companies’ strategies.

Vinny Parekh

Chief Financial Officer

Vinny is responsible for overseeing the financial activities for all Paxton Group companies. He ensures their financial reports are accurate and completed on time. Vinny specializes in analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses and advises on plans for improvement.

Gareth O’Hara

Chief Sales Officer

Gareth drives the management, planning and direction of Paxton’s sales and marketing activities. He oversees the development and implementation of strategy, sales plans and profit targets to maximize existing and new business opportunities in both the UK and Export markets.

Paul Rawlinson

Operations Director

Paul is responsible for the direction, planning and execution of Paxton’s supply chain and manufacturing operations. He oversees the procurement of manufacturing stock along with ensuring operational excellence to produce products efficiently and to the highest quality.

Nicola O’Donnell

HR Director

Nicola is responsible for HR, hospitality, and health and safety at Paxton Group. Her primary focus is to make Paxton one of the very best companies to work for. This involves developing a culture that fosters collaboration whilst enabling employees to contribute fully to the company’s objectives.

Paul Bannister

Research Director

Paul leads technical research projects for Paxton. He identifies and investigates new forms of technology for potential use in future products. Paul works closely with the Development and Product Management teams providing technical expertise and advice where required.