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Paxton only sell through distribution. Distributors are located all around the globe.

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Don't know your Net2 from your Switch2? This guide introduces you to our product families.

Still trying to figure out why.. Paxton hasn't placed an "excellent " rating response as a choice. Most other manufactures are average with some achieving good report. But if one consistently provides excellent service in both response time, and knowledge as I always get with Paxton. Now throw in providing unsolicited follow- up phone calls to help ensure that an system installer is well informed. then by god.. here is my own rating: Excellent :) Thanks again. Jheming Vegas


Scott and the team at Paxton did a great job of presenting the material and answering our questions of issues experienced in the field. The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend. The hands on portion drove the point home and showed us how simple the solution can be to our customers.


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