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Customer Service was excellent!! Very friendly and professional. ****However, I think that the support team and second line support groups need to communicate more effectively within each other. Specifically between the UK and US support. Case in point, I called the support# for the US and was holding for quite some time, thus I pressed 2 to be transferred to the UK support. I was informed that any USB 2.0 camera device was compatible w/ the Net2 v5.3 software. However, it is not working with this software but works fine w/ all others. I was informed that a similar issue was recently reported and that .Net Framework v4.5.2 would need to be repaired/reinstalled. (She was incredibly nice though.) I did this and experienced the same issue. I called back support but this time waited for the US Support, hoping to speak w/ Mike Ingram (who is awesome btw) and was able to get in touch with him. He instantly informed me that Net2 has issues with several different camera manufacturers, including Credential Cam. He recommended Logitech or MS Live. He also sent me a list of cameras that are compatible w/ the software. My only complaints would be: 1) Please communicate these types of known issues between the UK and US support teams. 2) Why does this issue exist only with your software, but the camera works with all other Access Control/Badging Applications? Is there any fix in place to accommodate these other camera manufacturers drivers? Is there a resolution strategy in place to accommodate all USB 2.0/3.0 cameras? Again the support was very friendly, courteous and Mike Ingram is awesome!! Thanks :-)


Very informative presentation. thank you


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