Your Resources to Create a COVID-Secure Building with Net2 Access Control

The knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we work and the environments we work in. To make this transition as easy as possible we have created a range of resources to help you and your customers.

Our solutions can help you meet CDC and OSHA guidelines. Controlling access electronically means your customers can easily comply with these guidelines, and meet the standards for social distancing, hygiene, health and wellbeing.

We are proud to be a finalist in the Lockdown Hero of the Year category at the Fire & Security Excellence Awards. This is a new award, in recognition of the help and support companies have been providing their customers.

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Customer feedback

Already Paxton’s Net2 could do so much to help with on-site controls, and now with the new occupancy feature, Paxton’s Net2 can do so much more.

Colin Todd, MMV Contracting Ltd

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FREE COVID-Secure Guide for You and Your Customers

This guide has been created to help you support your customers in understanding the CDC and OSHA guidelines.

In this guide, we outline the key areas to ensure your customers meet the new standards. We explain how Net2 access control will help them to meet the practical considerations of how to operate safely in the workplace today.

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  1. Can the occupancy management be connected to a traffic light system (e.g., staff/customer toilets) to assist management of the numbers of people entering? Yes, via the use of triggers and actions.
  2. Can staff use smartphones to access the building? Yes, but only through the Paxton Connect App or via a 3rd party Bluetooth reader.
  3. When will be the thermal camera integration be available? This hardware integration is now available with Suprema, Hikvision, Invixium, and ZKTeco.
  4. Will Paxton support Facial recognition tokens through the thermal cameras? Yes. Please refer to the operation modes of the thermal cameras.


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AN1068Access levels and time zones to reduce movement by discouraging non-essential trips within buildings and sites, for example, restricting access to some areas.

  • Determine if schedules for essential services and contractor visits can be revised to reduce interaction and overlap between people, for example, carrying out services at night
  • Minimise worker congregation at bottlenecks such as timeclocks, entrances and exits and maintaining social distancing during shift handovers
  • Stagger break times to reduce pressure on breakrooms or places to eat


AN1128Door groups to separate sites into working zones to keep different groups of workers physically separated as much as practical.

AN1023Configuring areas or groups where people are split into teams or shift groups, fixing these teams or shift groups so that where contact is unavoidable, this happens between the same people. For those workers who are required to travel and stay away from home in onsite accommodation, creating fixed groups of workers so that where contact is unavoidable, this happens between the same people.*

AN1189Custom reports in Net2 to maintain a record of all visitors.

AN1197 – Net2 Occupancy management allows you to set a maximum occupancy level of any given area to allow you to maintain control of the density of people in an area.*

AN1198Setting up a traffic light system using Net2 Occupancy Management

AN1129Using advanced permissions

AN1142Conditional access

AN1143Setting temporary access rights

AN1079Lighting control using Triggers and Actions

AN1091How to achieve the best read range with hands free equipment

AN1082Hands free – How does it work?

AN1175Access control from your phone*

AN1122How to configure Security Lockdown*

AN1063Configuring anti-passback*


*Requires Net2 Pro software to be installed


Invixium Titan Facial Reader with Thermal Enhancement Kit – view instructions
ZKTeco SpeedFace Reader – SF1008+ & SF1005-V+ – view instructions
Supremas FaceStation 2 – view instructions
Dahua Thermal Temperature Station – DHI-ASI7213X-T1 – view instructions
Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal (Minmoe) – view instructions

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