Blok Developments

Net2 Provides Improved Security with Simple Token Management for Cape Town Residential Developments

Blok Developments is an urban property developer operating in Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and CBD. Their thoughtfully designed and detail orientated apartments are built to make a lasting contribution to the neighbourhoods they develop in.


Security is a priority for Blok and their residents. They required a system that would allow them to control who could access the developments, and had the functionality to easily assign, update and bar access tokens, from a simple, reliable user interface. Blok also needed their residents to have the option to visually identify visitors via video intercom.

Solid Systems, a Managed IT Service Provider based in Cape Town, were approached by Blok to install a security solution that met their requirements, on their four new developments.


Solid Systems found a niche in combining IT with access control, which is a first for residential developments within Cape Town. With the integration of the Net2 PoE system, we can expand our functionality with access control giving us a sharper eye with security

– Michael Claxton, Solid Systems



Solid Systems recommended Net2, Paxton’s flagship access control system, to control the access on site. They also included a Entry monitor, Paxton’s intuitive, colour touch screen internal monitor, in every property for visual authentication and a direct line of communication to the security desk. Net2 is a user friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Net2, combined with Paxton’s innovative plug-and-play door entry solution, Entry, has provided Blok Developments and their residents with a simple security system that is managed remotely by Solid Systems.

Solid Systems will manage and maintain the system on behalf of Blok, programming access control tokens and monitoring the system remotely. Michael Claxton, Managing Director at Solid Systems says: “Our industry leading Network Management solution pro-actively detects issues within the Blok ICT environment, automation then attempts to resolve the issue automatically and if unsuccessful, a certified IT professional is notified and assigned the issue for a speedy resolution.”

In place of traditional locks and keys, the residents now use tokens to access the site. If a token is lost, it can easily be barred from the Net2 system. New tokens can be added, and access permissions can be updated with ease. The use of individual tokens also provides Blok’s security personnel with a full audit log of who has entered and exited the developments, further enforcing the level of security they offer their residents.

Secure penthouse access via the lift is another benefit of the Net2 system. The penthouse residents present their token upon entering the lift, which takes them directly into their property.


Blok Developments are pleased with their new Net2 system, and the service Solid Systems provide. Lior Van Embden, Sales & Marketing Manager at Blok Developments says: “We appreciate that Solid Systems can remotely program the tokens for our residents and staff over the network. This system makes security very simple to manage, and the extended warranty Paxton provides on all their products gives us additional peace of mind.”

Due to the success of the Net2 system, Solid Systems are now working on an additional two new developments for Blok, securing three doors on each site.


Type of site

  • Residential



  • Cape Town, South Africa


Number of users/doors

  • 12 doors
  • 4 developments


Solution required

  • Video intercom for visual visitor authentication
  • Full audit log of those entering and exiting the site
  • Simple token management system



  • Increased security solution across all developments
  • Flexible management enabling property owners to control site access
  • Remote management via network connection


Paxton products used

  • Net2 plus Controller
  • Entry monitor
  • Proximity metal keypad, MIFARE® – KP75
  • Proximity metal reader
  • Proximity marine reader



  • Lift integration for penthouse access