Here you will find all of our datasheets in one place, if you are looking for application notes, schematics or drilling templates use the quick links at the bottom of the page.


DS1001 PROXIMITY Reader – P38/P50/P75/P75 screw connector
DS1002 PROXIMITY Reader – P200/P200 metal mount
DS1004 PROXIMITY Reader – KP50/KP75/KP75 screw connector
DS1005 PROXIMITY Vandal proof reader
DS1006 PROXIMITY Panel mount reader
DS1007 PROXIMITY Metal reader
DS1008 PROXIMITY Marine Reader
DS1009 PROXIMITY Energy saving reader
DS1010 PROXIMITY Long range reader
DS1012 PROXIMITY Architectual reader
DS1013 PROXIMITY Mifare reader – P50
DS1014 PROXIMITY mullion reader
DS1017 PROXIMITY Backbox reader – MIFARE ®
DS1018 PROXIMITY Backbox reader – Black or white
DS1019 PROXIMITY Universal reader – Clock and data
DS1020 CARDLOCK reader
DS1021 TOUCHLOCK keypad – K38/K50/K75/K75 screw connector
DS1022 TOUCHLOCK stainless steel keypad – K38/K50/K75/K75sc
DS1023 TOUCHLOCK vandal resistant metal keypad
DS1032 Paxton Exit – E38, E50, E75
DS1033 Marine exit button
DS1034 Net2 Desktop reader
DS1035 Net2 Desktop reader – Proximity and magstripe
DS1038 Net2 Plus
DS1039 Plastic housing
DS1040 12V 2A PSU in cabinet
DS1042 Power over Ethernet (PoE) in cabinet
DS1043 Net2 nano
DS1044 Net2 I/O Board
DS1045 Net2 Caller ID reader
DS1058 KP75 MIFARE ® proximity reader
DS1061 Net2 Hands free interface
DS1073 Net2 Watchprox
DS1074 Net2 proximity clamshell card
DS1075 Paxton 12V 1A DC power supply – Plastic housing
DS1076 Net2 magstripe card
DS1077 Net2 Proximity keyfobs
DS1078 Net2 hands-free keyfob
DS1079 Net2 hands-free keycard
DS1080 Net2 proximity ISO cards – Without magstripe
DS1081 Net2 proximity ISO cards – With magstripe
DS1083 Compact relay module
TDS-1084 MIFARE Classic® 4K keyfob